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  In 2008, ARF opened a spay/neuter clinic that will perform at least 5,000 low-cost surgeries per year. Other clinics have used this model to reduce their local euthanasia rates up to 75%. For our service area, that translates to over 6,000 lives saved per year at a cost savings of approximately $450,000 per year.

ARF was founded in 2003 and has helped low-income pet owners and rescuers pay vet bills and spay/neuter their animals, rescued and adopted out approximately 250 dogs and cats, and spay/neutered, vaccinated and returned to their colonies over 400 feral cats. ARF's founders live and work in Hampton, Newport News, York, Gloucester, Mathews, and Middlesex.

Rescue groups, Humane Societies and SPCAs do their utmost to increase adoption numbers, but until the population coming into facilities is controlled, there will continue to be more animals coming in than going out. That means healthy, adoptable dogs and cats are killed to make room. (Click here to read the statistics at your local shelter.) Aggressive spay/neuter is the only proven solution!

  Animal Resource Foundation's Mission is to provide high-quality, affordable, spay/neuter surgeries as the non-lethal solution to pet over-population.


Charles Hogg, Chair
Marilyn Layer, Vice & Treasurer
Tonya Higgins, D.V.M, Secretary